Bibliothèque Glycine

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Bibliothèque Glycine

Bibliothèque glycine

Design Drugeot Manufacture

GLYCINE means wisteria whose tangled roots have inspired this design. The GLYCINE bookcase climbs against the wall and like the plant, its strong base become finer and finer.

Product code > GLY1

French advised public tariff > 872 € TTC   |    Find a dealer

Supplied with 5 removable vertical partitions walnut tinted that fit the designed grooves. The GLYCINE bookcase is freestanding, but it is recommended to fix it in one point to the wall. 100% solid oak from sustainable French forest. Designed and made in Anjou (France).


FINISHING Natural matt varnished

Drugeot Manufacture

Editor and manufacturer of design furniture and objects created by external designers, Drugeot Manufacture produces also its own in-house designs. They are a combination of out-of-the-box thinking and technical mastering, away from the traditional woodcraft heritage.

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Drugeot Manufacture

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